Do you run a retail store or perhaps an online business? If so, we wish you success and for your company to continue to grow. And, if you do find that you’re making a lot of sales, you’re probably running out of space at home or in your storage room for all your inventory.

This is one area where self storage shines, and for several reasons. First, storage space rents for less than residential space or commercial space. So, instead of renting a bigger apartment or moving into a bigger office, you can save money by simply renting a storage unit. Second, you can get a unit with climate control, which will protect your inventory for extremes in temperature, and from humid and dry conditions. This will keep your goods in great shape. Third, you’ll save space in your store, office, or home. Your personal space will feel less cluttered, making it easier to concentrate when you work.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical representative storing medication samples, a retail business needing extra space for your inventory, or you need room to keep your business supplies, a self storage unit can be an important part of your business model.