At Burlington Self Storage, most of our facilities include vehicle storage. Usually, we advertise this for boats and RVs. This is because such large vehicles are generally not allowed on residential streets, and people also feel safer keeping them in a fenced, gated facility.

There are also good reasons to store a car. Perhaps you have two cars but are leaving town for a while, and you want to make sure your second car is safe. Maybe you have a show car that you don’t want to keep at home. Whatever the case, you can store your car with us, too.

Some of our facilities provide outdoor vehicle spaces, some indoor, and some both. The advantage of outdoor spaces is that they’re less expensive. If you’re just storing a car, you can also rent one of the smaller spaces and save even more money. However, we encourage you to wax your car and use a cover for it if you store it in one of our lots to protect it from potential weather damage. Indoor spaces are more expensive, but protect your vehicle from extremes in weather, including sunlight.