A climate-controlled storage unit is a great place to store documents. Why a unit with climate control rather than a standard unit? Paper is especially susceptible to damage from humidity or dry conditions. When it gets hot outside, the weather tends to get humid, and when it gets cold, the moisture gets sapped out of the air. Humidity can cause papers to get damp, stick together, and grow mold. Dry weather can cause pages to get brittle.

If you have a lot of documents, perhaps for a large business, you may want to rent a unit just for document storage, but most people set aside a section of their storage unit for this purpose. This saves space at home or in the office and ensures that you know exactly where your documents are when you need them.

For example, if you’re moving to a new home and need to show past bills to prove residence, or past paycheck stubs to prove income, you can just stop by your storage unit to get them. Or, if you’re applying for a new job and need your birth certificate, you’ll know it’s safe in your unit.

Every six months go through your documents (and bring in new ones every month). Keep tax records for three years, and bills and important receipts for at least six months, longer if you’ll need them when you file your taxes.