Several of our facilities offer boat and RV storage. Depending on the facility, you’ll have your choice between indoor and outdoor spots for your vehicle.

Why would you need a special place to store your large vehicle, anyway? Most neighborhoods don’t allow boat or RV parking on the street, and not everyone has a driveway. Even if you do park your vehicle in your driveway, however, you can’t be sure how safe it will be there. Your large vehicle could be the target of theft or vandalism. Plus, your boat or RV will take up so much room you won’t be able to fit your car in your driveway.

Instead, see us about getting a space for your vehicle. Outdoor spaces keep your boat or RV safe from the outside world and are less expensive than indoor spaces. It will be susceptible to weather damage, however, from rain, wind, snow, and sun. We recommend you at least wax your vehicle and, if possible, get a cover for it. Indoor spaces rent for more per month but protect your vehicle from adverse weather conditions

When you’re ready to go out on the lake or river, or on an RV camping trip, you can pick up your vehicle and head out. When you return, you can park it in your spot again, knowing that it will be safe.