Going off to college is a major life event, and you’re bound to discover some surprises. One is that you may find your new accommodations, whether that’s a dorm room or a room in a shared apartment or house, smaller than you expect. Even if you bring just the essentials with you, you might find your space cramped.

Also, over the course of your college career, you’ll accumulate more things. Perhaps you’ll pick up a sport or start lifting weights, and you’ll need to make room for your equipment. Maybe you love to read and will purchase a lot of books. In your senior year, you may start buying things  you’ll need for your post-college life, such as pieces of furniture or interview clothes.

The point is, you may need extra room to keep your stuff.

At Burlington Self Storage, you can rent a 5’x5’ or larger unit with climate control at prices affordable for students. Come by and drop off or pick up what you need at your convenience. Our facilities have top-notch security, and some even have drive-up indoor units. We often have move-in deals, which you can find on our facility pages.